Knight (6 kb) Chess Graphics

Do you need an image - something to put on the naked white space on page 4?

The web is crammed with flashy color graphics, but what's the use, when you (as an amateur desktopper) cannot print and distribute anything but black and white?

The images on this page are well suited for this purpose, and they are free for non-commercial use. For commercial use you need our permission. On our page Chess Diagrams & Fonts you can find a true type font Chess Miscel with chess symbols and pictograms useful for chess DTP. Or you can try our graphic links.

On this page are also 111 free chess icons Updated 15. June 2008 that can be used as e.g. program icons in Windows. The icons are made by Peter Wong, Australia.

The quality of the originals is considerably better than shown on this page. To save your time resolution and size have been minimized.

15. June 2008, Eric Bentzen


Click on a picture to download.
All downloadable files are compressed.
Either compressed TIFF-format, which can be read by most relevant programs, or ZIP, that must be unzipped.
Consequently they'll use a lot more memory than just the filesize when loaded by your image processing program.

For most images you can see width, height, resolution, file format and size of the compressed file.

W: Width in mm.
H: Height in mm.
PPI: Resolution.
Format: File format (*.TIF, *.PCX etc.).
Size: Size of compressed file.

Size:23 kB
W:60 H:100 PPI:400
Format:TIFF Size:15 kB
Size:27 kB
Chessbird Knight Snake

W:60 H:81 PPI:150
Format:TIFF Size:120 kB
W:55 H:59 PPI:120
Format:TIFF Size:30 kB
W:128 H:154 PPI:120
Format:TIFF Size:6 kB
Pieces Pieces Pieces

Size:38 kB
W:98 H:104 PPI:120
Format:TIFF Size:129 kB
W:57 H:45 PPI:75
Format:TIFF Size:5 kB
Pieces Pieces Black pieces

W:120 H:126 PPI:150
Format:TIFF Size:162 kB
W:97 H:107 PPI:400
Format:PCX Size:87 kB
W:39 H:41 PPI:400
Format:TIFF Size:19 kB
Kings Kings Pieces

  W:102 H:140 PPI:400
Format:TIFF Size:213 kB

Here are some of the chess icons in the file Chess Icons (312 kb). The icons can be used as program icons in Windows. How to do that is explained in the readme file. The icons are freeware by Peter Wong, Australia.

Chess Icons

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