Do you want to learn? Do you want to improve? Do you want competition?

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Nørresundby Chess Club

Serious chess.
We have players on all levels; some just play for fun and company, others are among the elite. Nobody is too weak, and few are stronger.

We play chess seriously – individually and on teams. Nørresundby has two teams in the division, and teams that play locally.

We also play for fun...
Playing for fun.

Fun not playing.
Sometimes we even have fun not playing!

When playing far away from home chess is not the only attraction.
Far away from home.
  • You can play on a team, play in tournaments arranged by the club and participate in tournaments nationwide.
  • You can play chess by mail against players from the whole world.
  • You alone decide your level of ambition and how much time and effort you want to spend – there is no coach tyranny. But if you are ambitious, we have got the players who can teach you the tricks.
  • As a member of Nørresundby Chess Club you are also a member of the Danish Chess Federation, and you'll receive the Danish chess magazine every month.
  • You are welcome to drop in for a game. We have no strict rules about membership after e.g. the fifth visit.
  • The next move is yours...

  • Where and when?
    We meet every thursday from 19 to 23 o'clock in "Kulturbroen", Strandgade 3 in Nørresundby (just below the bridge on the Nørresundby side). To those who didn't pay attention in the geography lessons: Nørresundby is in northern Jutland, Denmark.


    Chairman: Svend Aage Sørensen, Tlf. 98 19 25 17. E-mail:
    Treasurer: Arne Hove, Tlf. 98 19 15 42. Giro 8 29 95 28.
    Or e-mail to Eric Bentzen

    The rating list is updated every month.
    This link will take you to the rating pages of DSU (Danish Chess Federation): Members rating

    Last update 16th August 2008