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for Palview, Palive and PalMate

  • Palview Section
  • Palive Section
  • PalMate Section
  • The Pgn Standard and Supplement

    When installing or setting up any of the programs you should NOT use a folder whose name contains a SPACE -- that will cause Palview to become inoperable. All download files are compressed and must be decompressed using Winzip.
    All files have been scanned with the most recent Norton AntiVirus program.

    14. December 2003


  • Download Palview version 4 (674 KB)
  • Download The Palview Manual (1.217 KB)

    Palview is a Win32 Console program and doesn't need to be installed. Just unzip with "Use folder names" selected. If for instance you unzip the to "C:\", the file will be unzipped to a directory "C:\palview4\".

    The Palview Manual is a set of detailed help files in html. The Palview Manual can also be accessed via the Internet. If you download the manual (recommended) decompress with "Use folder names" selected and point to your Palview directory, e.g. "C:\palview4". Then the help files will be decompressed to a subdirectory named "manual".

    With the Palview download file comes several board and piece designs, images, a sample ini file and sample CSS stylesheets. More samples can be downloaded from the various demo pages, but beware that the URLs in these files will need to be changed to reflect your directory structure.


    Palive has been updated to support Palview version 4, and doesn't support version 3. If you haven't installed Palive already you must download the setup version: Download Palive Setup (3.288 KB)

    Decompress the file with Winzip and run Setup.exe to install.

    If you have the old Palive version installed it will suffice to download and replace the program file, palive.exe (150 kb). Remember to check your settings the first time you run the new version.

    PalMate 2

    PalMate has also been updated to support Palview 4. See the PalMate Main Page for details.
    Download PalMate (3.858 KB)

    Decompress the file with Winzip and run Setup.exe to install.

    If during setup the programs tells you that a file (e.g. SHDOCVW.DLL) cannot be replaced, it is because the file is already installed and in use. Just ignore and continue.

    For those who want to see the Visual Basic 5.0 SP3 source code: Download PalMate Source Code (429 KB)
    Decompress with Winzip and select "Use folder names".

    The Pgn Standard

    Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide (37 KB). The official Pgn Standard.
    A Supplement to the Pgn Standard (13 KB). Mostly how to write chess clock information used for live broadcast.