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The Palview Pages

  • Are you a chess webmaster?
  • Do you want webpages where games can be replayed online?
  • Do you want to broadcast games live on the Internet?
  • With the Pal Programs you can do just that - and they are all freeware!

  • Palview - create webpages with JavaScript for replaying chess games.
  • Palive - broadcast chess games live as they are being played.
  • PalMate - a graphical interface to design and generate Palview webpages.
  • On this page:

    Latest News

    December 2003: New Palview, PalMate and Palive version

    Palview version 4 has now been released. Among the new features are the Problem and Tactics pages. These are quiz pages where a problem or a tactical exercise is shown to the visitor who can then try and guess the solution by making the right move on the board. The visitor gets 3 guesses after which the solution is revealed. Demos on The Problem Quiz Page and The Tactics Quiz Page.

    Another powerful new feature is the Magazine page type. Older versions of Palview converted a pgn game file to an html webpage with javascript. This page could then be edites if you wanted to insert text, images etc. This is indeed still possible, but with the new Magazine page type you can pass a pgn file and an html template file containing Palview commands that tell Palview where to insert gamelinks, crosstables, game index, opening index, static diagrams etc. This page type is ideal for articles, newsletters and tournament coverage. All replayable games open in a separate gameviewer window. A demo can be seen on The Magazine Demo Page.

    Palview now supports variations up to 15 levels deep.

    With Palview 4 we also release new versions of PalMate and Palive that support Palview 4. The new PalMate program now has a pgn text editor that makes it easy to edit the pgn file and insert certain Palview commands/tags that affect the look of the final html page. There's also a simple html editor for the new Magazine page type. With this editor you can edit your html template and insert Palview commands in the right syntax. There's also a new diagram setup utility that can be used to make FEN strings for start positions, static diagrams or captioned diagrams.

    What Is Palview?

    Palview allows you to take a chess game stored in PGN format and convert it into an Html/JavaScript page for viewing on a website. Palview offers excellent layout control and is widely used on the Internet.

    Palview and the other Pal programs are freeware, but if you find the program(s) useful you shall hear no harsh words if you link to this page as a token of your appreciation :-)

    Go to the Palview main page for a full description.
    Go to the demo pages to see sample pages.


    PalMate is a graphical user interface for Palview. PalMate makes it easy to design, preview and generate webpages with Palview. You don't need to know or remember any Palview commands, and you don't need to know how to write a cascading stylesheet. You select page style, images, colors, fonts etc. in a graphic environment - just "point and shoot" and PalMate will write the necessary files and call Palview to generate the webpage.

    Go to the PalMate main page for a full description.


    Palive is used for live broadcast of chess games. Just tell Palive to monitor certain pgn files. When a new move has been made and the pgn file updated, Palive will automatically generate a Palview webpage and upload it to your server. If you wish, an overview page with diagrams of all current positions can be uploaded too, and you can comment games as they are being played.

    Go to the Palive main page for a full description.

    Site Overview

    The page you are reading right now is the Palview Home Page, however there are quite a few more pages:


    If you have problems using any of the programs feel free to send a mail and we'll try and help.
    However please realise there's a limit to our time, so before you write please read the help. If you do mail us it is usually a good idea to attach the pgn and Palview ini file.

    The Palview Team:
    Andrew Templeton Palview programmer. Questions in English only.
    Eric Bentzen PalMate & Palive programmer. Questions in English or Danish. German too if kept simple! Contact