figurines = on | off
default: off

The figurines command is used to inform Palview3 that you are going to be using one of the Alpine Figurine fonts to display the Html page. Palview will then scan all comments for chess moves and slashed piece letters and will write special Html code to provide the appropriate figurine. Those visitors to your site that have one of the Alpine Figurine fonts installed on their computer will see chess figurines on the page, as in the example below. Those that do not have an Alpine font installed will see the usual English piece letters instead.

While it is easy to use the Alpine Figurine fonts, it does require two steps. First you must set the figurines = on, and you must also set stylesheet to an appropriate CSS file that uses the Alpine Figurine fonts. Such a CSS file will be provided with Palview as a working example. For a more detailed explanation of how figurines are used in Palview, see the section: Palview and Figurines.