flags = on | off
default: off

The flags command is used to turn the usage of Palview's flag GIF images on or off. By default the flag images are not used. By setting the flags = on, Palview will use flags for the player's countries where the information is available in the PGN game. The country information is taken from the PGN Tags: WhiteCountry and BlackCountry. (For more information on these PGN Tags, see Palview and PGN)

The flags appear in the game infobox, before the player's names, as shown below:

The flags can also appear in crosstables, after the player's names, as shown below:

Wherever the flags are used, the images are tooltipped with the name of the country itself, so that hovering over the flag will show you the country's name. As an example, placing your mouse over this flag will tell you what country it represents . For more information on Palview and the use of flags, see the section The Palview Flags