pcletters = "letters"
default: "PNBRQK"

The pcletters command can be used to provide an alternative set of letters for the chess pieces to be used. By default, Palview will use the PGN Standard piece letters, namely "PNBRQK", which also corresponds to the English piece letters. Most chess players around the world understand these piece letters very well and if your website has an international audience you are probably best to stick with them.

However, if your pages are most likely to be viewed by visitors who share your national language, then the pcletters command can be used to replace the PGN piece letters with those of your own language.

Here is a list of some other piece letter assignments used by other languages:

Czech        P J S V D K
Danish       B S L T D K
Dutch        O P L T D K
English      P N B R Q K
Estonian     P R O V L K
Finnish      P R L T D K
French       P C F T D R
German       B S L T D K
Hungarian    G H F B V K
Icelandic    P R B H D K
Italian      P C A T D R
Norwegian    B S L T D K
Polish       P S G W H K
Portuguese   P C B T D R
Romanian     P C N T D R
Spanish      P C A T D R
Swedish      B S L T D K

If you wanted your pages to be viewed by mostly Swedish nationals, then you could use the command:

pcletters = "BSLTDK"

You would end up with results like this:

One note of caution: If you decide to use the pcletters command, please remember that it will convert all PGN piece letters, "PNBRQK" to the letters that you provide in the command. This will also apply to moves in any commentary. So when you comment a PGN game, please use the PGN Standard letters for any moves you write, otherwise Palview may very well mistake them for other pieces and translate them incorrectly. For example, the pawn in Swedish is a 'B', which also happens to be a bishop in PGN. If you write a comment in a PGN game using the Swedish 'B', this will be converted to an 'L' if you use pcletters = "BSLTDK". Please remember to always use the PGN letters and let Palview do the complete conversion for you.