pgnlink = 0 .. 2
default: 0 (none)

The pgnlink command is used to provide a link to the PGN file that was used to create your Html page by Palview. This link will appear on your Html page at the bottom, after the last game, but before any inserted footerfile. It is your responsibility to actually upload the PGN file to the server so that it can be accessed by visitors using the link that Palview3 creates. If pgnlink is set to 0, then no link will be generated by the program.

If pgnlink = 1, the program will generate only a link to the PGN file like the following:

Game(s) in PGN

If pgnlink = 2, then the program will add an image to the link as in the following example:

Game(s) in PGN

The link will point to the PGN file that will be expected in the pgnurl folder. For example, if your PGN file was called mygame.pgn and your pgnurl = "pgns", then Palview3 will write the following Html code:

pgnlink = 1

<P>Game(s) in <A HREF='pgns/mygame.pgn'>PGN</A></P>

pgnlink = 2

<P><A HREF='pgns/mygame.pgn'><IMG SRC='jpc/pgn.gif' BORDER='0'>
Game(s) in PGN</A></P>

Note that the image used in the pgnlink = 2, , is called pgn.gif. You can easily create your own image to use for this purpose that may better reflect the look of your site. Just remember that it must be a GIF and that it should be placed in your imgurl folder.

One final note. Palview allows you to enter special Null moves and Continuations into PGN games. But these extensions are not a part of the PGN Standard. If you are going to use these extensions to create your web pages, please be considerate and don't upload the PGN files and link to them. This will only cause confusion and consternation for your visitors.