symbolmethod = gif | text
default: text

The symbolmethod command is used to select the method that Palview will use to display chess symbols on the Html that it generates. By default, Palview will translate any chess symbol into a commonly used text-based equivalent. For example, the chess symbol for "white has a moderate advantage", appears as but it will appear as +/- when symbolmethod = text is selected. There are various text-based equivalents, one for each symbol. The use of these text symbols reduces the size of your Html page and is the only reason why you might want to use them.

When symbolmethod = gif is selected, Palview will translate all chess symbols into GIF images of the symbols. This has the advantage of truly representing what the chess symbol looks like, and it also allows for the possibility of tooltipping the symbols with the symtips command. Each of the chess symbols require about 100 bytes of additional download size.

For more information on PGN and chess symbols, see the section: Portable Game Notation