Kasparov - Kramnik

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Kasparov,G =0=======0===== 6

This page shows the crosslink layout ("htmltype=batch" and "crosslink=on"). This makes a page with a crosstable and a game page for each game in the pgn file. If you click on a result in the crosstable the page with that game will open.

Notice too that if the mouse hovers over a game result in the crosstable a small window appears with the number of moves, name of the opening and ECO code. This is done by setting "tooltipcross=on".

This layout has two stylesheets: one for the crosstable page and one for the game pages.

  • Download crosstable CSS stylesheet
  • Download game page CSS stylesheet
  • Download Palview ini file

    Beware than any links (URLs) in the files will need to be changed if used for another site.