Karlsbad 1929

Karlsbad 1929 was Nimzowitsch' best result ever. All the best players except Aljechin participated. Nimzowitsch didn't just score against "the tail"; among the top 8 he also had the best score.

Nimzowitsch was already marked by the decease from which he died a few years later. He did win some minor events, but nothing that could be compared to Karlsbad 1929. In Karlsbad he played a number of remarkable games. 3 can be replayed here:

Karlsbad 1929, Karlsbad, Czech Republic 1929 
   12345678910111213141516171819202122 =
Aaron Nimzowitsch x1==11=1=1==1==10=11=1 15
Rudolf Spielmann 0x10====1=01=111=11111 14½
Jose Raul Capablanca =0x===1==1=1=1101111=1 14½
Akiba Rubinstein =1=x====111==1====10=1 13½
Milan Vidmar 0===x10=====101==10111 12
Max Euwe 0===0x0===1==11===1=11 12
Albert Becker ==0=11x1010=====11=1=0 12
Efim Bogoljubow 0=====0x===001111=0111 11½
Ernst Gruenfeld =0=0==1=x==1==0011==1= 11
Herman Mattison 0=00==0==x0110111=10=1 10½
Esteban Canal =1=0=01==1x0==0=001=11 10½
Maroczy Geza =00====1001x=00011=1=1 10
Savielly Tartakower 0===0==1=0==x========1 10
Karel Treybal =00010=0=1=1=x0==101=1 10
Edgar Colle =00=00=01011=1x=1=0011 10
Friedrich Saemisch 001====010=1===x==0=10 
Frederick Yates 1=0===000010==0=x=1=11 
Frank Marshall =00=0=0=0=10=0===x=111 9
Paul Johner 000010=1=00==1110=x0=1 9
Karl Gilg 00010=00=1=0=01==01x== 8
George Alan Thomas =0==00=00=0===0000==x1 6
Vera Menchik 00000010=0000001000=0x 3

For Spielmann too the tournament was a triumf, and he beat Capablanca for the second time in his life. Spielmann said that he didn't like to play 1. d4, but when he played his preference, 1. e4, the opponent usually equalized fairly easy, and Spielmann never got the attack he liked so much. So he decided to play 1. d4 in Karlsbad and scored 9½ points in 11 games. One of the wins was against the great Cuban:

No. 1

Sämisch - Capablanca
Position after 9...Ba6??

Bad luck for the former World Champion. Capablanca was close, and if he hadn't lost to Sämisch, he might have won the tournament. The story goes that Capa had aquainted a lady when, unexpected, his wife entered the scene. Senora Capablanca wasn't amused, and Capablanca was somewhat distracted when he met Sämisch in the next round. This is what happened:

Capablanca has just played 9...Ba6?? which was serious blunder, because now he lost a piece after: 10. Qa4! Bb7 11.d5 Capa struggled fiercely, but had to resign in move 67. You can move the pieces freely on the board - just click on the piece you want to move and then click on the target square.

After this it would be unfair not to show Capa's demolition of Treybal:

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