The Problems Page

Click on the piece you want to move and then on the target square.
You have 3 guesses before the solution is revealed. Hint: geometry cheats!

Reti 1921
White to move draws

White cannot stop the black pawn and his own pawn is ripe for the picking.

1. Kg7 h4 2. Kf6 Suddenly White has a threat, namely 3. Ke7 and the C-pawn queens 2... Kb6 3. Ke5! Now the threat is to stop the pawn by playing Kf4. 3... h3 4. Kd6 The C-pawn will now queen and the game is a draw. 1/2-1/2

Reti 1928
White to move draws

Again White's position seems hopeless, but as in the first problem there's a way.

1. Ke7!! g5 2. Kd6 g4 3. e7 Bb5 4. Kc5! Gaining the tempo necessary to get to the square of the black pawn. 4... Bd7 5. Kd4 Kb6 6. Ke4 Kc6 7. Kf4 Kd6 8. e8=B 1/2-1/2

This page shows the new Problems Page, which like the tactics page is a quiz page.

The problems page is best for problems like endgame studies or "Mate in X" type problems. The tactics page is best for tactical problems from real games where you want more comments and variations and maybe a game infobox with the player's names etc.

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