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Palview Links

See how others use Palview! Below are a few links - I hope the list will grow; there must be thousands of pages using Palview to display chess games by now.

Let me know if you want your site listed. If possible please send the direct URL to your game page or to the game index. Those who follow the links on this page want to see how you use Palview and will only get impatient, if they have to search your site. Also please let me know how you want your site categorized: as a news site, a personal homepage, a club/association/federation site etc. Please let me know if you change URL. From time to time I'll let a program check the URLs, and dead links will be removed without hesitation.

Let the cursor hover over a link and you'll see when the link was added (works with IE).

15th July 2005, Eric Bentzen

News Sites

Schackforum. News, games, problems and more. Swedish.
Notsaï's parties du jour
Pakistan Chess Player
Chathurangam - all about Indian chess Chinese (game links in top left column!).

Correspondence Chess

Team Correspondence Chess
John's correspondence chess page
Tim Harding's 'Chess Mail' site
Irish Correpondence Chess Association (ICCA)

Federations & Associations

The Australian Chess Federation. English.
Official Website Of The Irish Chess Union. English.
Irish Correpondence Chess Association (ICCA). English.
Ligue Corse des Échecs. French. Select "Parties". Crosstable examples.


Club d'Echecs de la Ville de Genève. French.
Ulricehamns Schackklubb 1923. Swedish.
Blerickse Schaakvereniging. Dutch.
Schaakvereniging "De Pion". Dutch.
Jeugdschaakclub Op Eigen Wieken. Dutch.
Gosford Chess Club. English.
Corby Chess Club. English.
Oxford University Chess Club. English
Schachvereinigung Offenburg - select "Partien" and "Interaktiv". German.
Nørresundby Skakklub. Go for "Partier 1. div..." in left column or any link saying "online med Palview". Danish.


Chess Kids Academy. Visit the "War Zone". English.
23rd Chess Festival Bled 2002. PreOlympic tournament. Slovenian site in English.
Swedish Championship 2001 live. Swedish. The games were transmitted live using Palview and Palive.

Theory & Educational
A l'école du jeu d'échecs par Daniel Roos, Maître International. French.
The Urusov Gambit System
Hannunniittu Chessclub New. Finnish.

Problems, Combinations & Studies

Useful Chess. Problems, studies, tactics. Uses Palview 4's quiz features. English.
Find The Move!. Combinations and endgame studies using Palview 4's quiz features. English/Danish.

Personal pages & Miscellaneous Garry Kasparovs' website. English
GM Baburin's games at Grandmaster Square. English.
GM Alexander Morozevich Annotates at Grandmaster Square. English.
Games analysed by Psakhis at Grandmaster Square. English.
GM Gregory Kaidanov's selected games. English.
Homepage of GM Yona Kosashvili. Chinese.
Open Chess Diary by Tim Krabbé. Dutch/English.
Linkeboda schacksidor. Find the move. Swedish.
Linkeboda schacksidor. Chess problems. Swedish.
For Chess Lovers. Master classics, tactics, endgames. English. English.
The Games of Brute Force by Louis Kessler. English.
Ian's Page. English.
The Chess Drum's Game Library. English.
Chess English.
Crazypawn. French.
White kNights (select "Clinic" in the menu). English
Christophe Bernard Chess Site. Games and 500 tactical exercises. French.
SJS Chess. A Beginner's Guide To Chess On The Web. English. Russian.