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Last update March 12th 2015

En Passant is a chess site with free chess software and resources for chess publishing like chess fonts, diagram utilities, graphics and more. En Passant is the homepage of Nørresundby Chess Club in Denmark.
 What's new? 12.03.15
What's new?
 Programs & Utilities 16.10.11
Chess Programs & Utilities
 Chess Publishing 12.03.15
Knight from the font Chess Magnetic Chess publishing resources for print and webpages.

Chess Publishing - an introduction.

Chess Diagrams Updated 01.01.2010 Java applets, JavaScript and Flash for showing games or problems online and utilities for making chess diagrams and figurine notation.

Chess Fonts Chess fonts for diagrams and figurine notation.

Chess Fonts FAQ - advice on how to use chess fonts.

Chess Graphics - free chess graphics.

 The Palview Pages
Palview - a terrific program that converts pgn files to Html with JavaScript for replaying chess games on the Web. Now version 4.

Transmit games live with Palive.

Excellent page layout control and graphical interface for Palview 4 with PalMate 2.

Palview Links

 Find The Move!  
Test and sharpen your tactics with hundreds of combinations and endgame studies online.
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Selected Links

Many excellent chesslinks on:
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 Chess Games Online  
Replay chess games online with java applet. 50 game files including all games from the Danish championships 1922-2000 that are in the Danish games archive Danbase.
 Nørresundby Chess Club 16.08.08
Nørresundby Chess Club is in northern Jutland, Denmark.
 Download Index 15.06.08
Download Index - a list of the files you can download from this site. Descriptions of the available fonts, utilities, programs etc. are elsewhere.

Nørresundby Chess Club has been on the web since 3. August, 1997.

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