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The games

Event File name in PGN URL Download PGN-file (zip)
Copenhagen 1907. 1. Leonhardt 2. Maroczy kbh07.pgz
Copenhagen 1923. 1. Nimzowitsch kbh23.pgz
Nimzowitsch-games from Karlsbad 1929 nimzow29.pgz
Danish games from OL Buenos Aires 1939. ol39.pgz
Capablanca's lost games. capa.pgz
Aalborg Int. 1947. 1. van Scheltinga aalbor47.pgz
Bent Larsen's games from OL Moscow 1956 larsen56.pgz
Nimzowitsch Mem. 1960. 1. T. Petrosjan nimzow60.pgz
Nimzowitsch Mem. 1985.
1-3. Larsen, Vaganjan, Browne
Chess in Norresundby for 50 years. jubigame.pgz Can only be replayed online!
Danish championships 1951-2000 dkch [year] .pgz Go to Danbase
Danish championships 1922-1950, 181 games in one file. dkch2250.pgz Go to Danbase


Updated 7. August 2000