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If your browser supports Java, you can replay chess games online with Chess TutorTM Java applet.

We have links to two java pages, because older versions of Netscape (<4.0) cannot read the page with the fastest download. If you use a version of Netscape older than 4.0, or if you cannot open Java page 1, try Java page 2.

Be patient while Chess Tutor loads!

To avoid wasting your time we start Chess Tutor with only one (excellent) game loaded. At the bottom of the Java window is a menu: PGN URL, where you can choose between different game files. Pick a file, give it a moment to load and decompress, and then choose a game from the list.

The games on display are mostly Danish, but there are a few files from the international arena too. If you scroll a few lines, you'll see a list, and further down you can find help on how to useChess Tutor (e.g. how to save money!). Detailed information about Chess Tutor is available on maro's Chess Games Pages.


The Games

There are several game files in the menu PGN URL (in the Java window).
This list is also on the Java page – we don't want to stress your memory:

  • Danish Championships 1922-51 and 1959-2000
  • Copenhagen 1907. 1. Leonhardt 2. Maroczy
  • Copenhagen 1923. 1. Nimzowitsch. Here Nimzowitsch won "the immortal game of zugzwang" against Sämisch. Chess Tutor starts with this game loaded.
  • Nimzowitsch's games from Karlsbad 1929. Nr. 1 Nimzowitsch.
  • Danish games from the olympics in Buenos Aires 1939.
  • Capablanca's lost games - all 37 (serious) plus a simul against a very young Botvinnik.
  • Aalborg International 1947. Nr. 1-2 van Scheltinga and Christian "Coulter" Poulsen.
  • Bent Larsen's games from OL in Moscow 1956, where he became grandmaster.
  • Nimzowitsch Memorial, Copenhagen 1960. Nr. 1 Tigran Petrosjan
  • Nimzowitsch Memorial, Naestved 1985. Nr. 1-3 Bent Larsen, Vaganjan and Walther Browne.
  • 50 years of chess in Norresundby (annotation in Danish).


    How to - save money:
    Once a game file is loaded, you can disconnect and play through the games without adding to the telephone bill. If you have disconnected and want to load a new file, then open a new browser window before you connect - that way the Java page isn't replaced by your usual start-up page.

    How to - view games:
    Once a game file is loaded, you can pick a game from a list in the Java window.
    When you have picked a game, a chess-board appears in a new window. You can open as many games as you like.
    Use the single arrows to replay manually, and if you want to jump just point at the move on the moves list.
    If you click on the double arrows you can lean back and enjoy a cup of espresso while Chess Tutor automatically replays the game.

    How to - filter games:
    At the top of the Java window is an icon, a funnel, that activates the filter function. If for instance you check "Filter by player" and write "Larsen, Bent", only games with Bent Larsen is shown on the list. And you can go on: check "Filter by moves", write "1. d4" and only games beginning with 1.d4 is shown.

    How to - download game files for your private collection:
    To minimize download time the game files are compressed with a java utility, but if you want the original PGN-files (zipped) you'll find links on the Java page.

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