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Updated 2. January 2004

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Chess clubs and online chess

There is an ever increasing number of homepages on the web.

An index to Danish clubs can be found at the Danish Chess Federation: Danish Chess Clubs

"New In Chess" has a list of URLs (many countries), and if you go for the the national federations, you'll often find a complete list: New In Chess.

Somebody has said that with the Internet we finally got a media better suited for chess than football. There are many ways to play chess via the net. Well known is Internet Chess Club - "The World's Most Active Chess Club", as they say. OK, you can visit for free, but if you want to be a member and you're an untitled player you could add "Among The World's Most Expensive Chess Clubs". There are many other (and free) sites where you can play chess online and you can find a comprehensive list at Chessopolis.


Chess programs, software and fonts

On our pages with software, diagrams and fonts you'll find links to many programs and utilities. If you're looking for more freeware and/or shareware, you could try these sites:

At Chessopolis you can find links to many chess playing programs.

Pittsburg University, USA, is renowned as a chess-source. However it can be rather confusing to browse their ftp-directories with a lot of strange filenames, so we recommend that you download their index, where you'll find a brief description of each file. Then you can study at leisure before you go 'shopping'. The index and more can be found at: Pitt Chess Archives

Alastair Scott's DTP-page has moved to Hans Bodlaender's site and is now maintained by Bodlaender:
Chess Word Macros & Fonts.

If you want to make your own (chess) font, there's a shareware program, Font Creator, that you can try for 30 days. I haven't really tested it yet, but it looks like a nice tool.



Danbase is the Danish Chess Federation's games archive with games from tournaments in Denmark and national team matches. Today many sites offer games for download, and you can find a comprehensive list at Lars Balzer's homepage.


Chess Graphics

There are some pages with chess graphics on the WWW:

Chess Graphics by Alan Cowderoy. The ultimate chess graphics site with lots of photos, graphics, toons, symbols etc. etc. All is in the public domain.

Notzai's Gallery has drawings of known chessplayers (past and present).

Diaz Cartoons has many chess cartoons. Notice however that they cannot be reprinted without permission.

GertJan's Kijk has a large collection of chess drawings/cartoons.

Top*Chess has an impressive collection of scanned postcards with chess motifs.


Links to links

When surfing the Internet it is easy to get the impression that most pages have links to other pages as their main contents. Trying to find something with substance and contents you're dragged around in circles. Here are a few of the better sites with chesslinks.

Kommenterade Schacklänkar. Pity on those who do not understand Swedish, because this is an outstanding guide to chess sites on the web. Every site is tested and described in detail. If for instance the link is to a program, you're offered good advice on how to do this and that. Quality, not quantity.

The Chess Portal is a Swedish site (in Swedish and English) with lots of links. Well structured and with short comments to each link.

La Chess French Connexion (in French) has many excellent links. This is Notzai's links page by Pascal Villalba - a member of the Palamede group.

Chessopolis. A comprehensive links directory. Highly recommended.

Yahoo - The search-engine Yahoo's chesspage.

Mecca - searchable chess encyclopedia. Updated on a regular basis.



Russian Chess - produced by Shahcom Company & the leading Grandmasters of Saint-Petersburg (among them  P.Svidler, A.Khalifman, K.Sakaev, S.Ivanov, K.Aseev, S.Ionov). Special coverage of Russian events.

Chessplayers. Chess news in German.

Chess Journalists of America. Sample magazine articles, resources and more for the working chess journalist.


Aalborg/Nørresundby – the city

Tourist information about the city Aalborg (and Nørresundby) can be found on the site:
Welcome to Aalborg - Denmark

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