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The Palview Chess Sets

Palview comes with a number of chess sets that you can use to make your Html pages. Below is a diagram of each set using 29 pixels, but each set comes in all four sizes: 19, 24, 29, and 35 pixels. Note that all of the chess pieces are transparent GIF images. This allows you to use any board image you prefer with any of the chess sets. It also permits the visitors to your chess site to freely move the pieces about, called Kibitzing, using the movingpcs INI option.

Below each diagram is the name of the author who create the True Type Font (TTF) that was used as the model for each of the sets. We very much appreciate their kindness in allowing us to use them to create these pieces for Palview.

The Palview 29 pixel sets have all be redone by hand once again to improve their sharpness and detail as you can see from the examples below.

Alpha by Eric Bentzen

Kingdom by Armando Marroquin

Leipzig by Armando Marroquin

Linares by Steve Smith

Merida by Armando Marroquin

Tilburg by Eric Schiller