Pgn Files

Selecting A Pgn File

To make a webpage Palview needs a pgn file as input. When selecting a pgn file in PalMate you have 3 options:
  1. 1 pgn file - convert all games.
  2. 1 pgn file - select and convert some games.
  3. Multiple pgn files to multiple Html files.
Option 1 needs no explanation.

Option 2 can be useful if you have a pgn file with many games and don't want to show them all on the webpage. If this option is selected PalMate will show a list of the games you can choose from.

The selected games will be copied to a new file with a name of your choice and this new file will be used for the webpage.

Option 3 - multiple pgn files - will convert any number of pgn files. The only restriction may be your computer's memory (RAM). The web pages will all share the same layout.

PalMate And The Pgn Standard

PalMate doesn't comply 100% with the Pgn Standard. It doesn't know the importance of the comment characters "%" and ";". The Pgn Standard says that any line in which the first character is a "%" is to be treated as a comment. Likewise is any text on a line after the character ";". For the sake of speed PalMate doesn't know this, but it will very rarely cause problems and only if the comment contains header tag brackets like "[]".

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