The Project Window

This window is the main window for your webpage project and there'll be one for each open project. In the title bar you see the webproject's name - in this case "croslink" - followed by "(Webpage)" and a number. If you are working on more than one project at the same time, the active project window determines which project is active. Just like documents in a word processor.

The project window is also used to edit the project's stylesheets. To the left is a treeview with the selectors/classes in the page stylesheet and in this case there's another treeview to the right showing the selectors/classes in a crosstable stylesheet.

As you see "Paragraphs with pgn moves" is selected in the left window. The properties of the selected item can be edited from the "CssFormat" menu. You can format the selected item's properties for:

The Css Text Window

In the Css Text Window you can see the css definition for the active selector exactly as it will be written to the stylesheet. If the Css Text Window isn't visible, select "Css Text Window" from the "View" menu. You cannot write or edit this window - it is for viewing only.

The Fonts List

Font definitions are special. In the small window "Fonts In Selected Order (Font-Family)" you see the fonts selected for the active item. In this case "Georgia, Times New Roman, Serif". If the user has "Georgia" installed the browser will use this font. If not the browser will look for "Times New Roman", and if that isn't installed either a serif font will be used. To change the font order or remove a font from the font-family definition click on the font name in the font window and use the buttons (up/down/delete).

Adding New Selectors

You can add your own selectors to a stylesheet by clicking the "Add" button below the treeview. This can be handy if you want to edit the final html page. Selectors added by you can also be removed. If you add new selectors and save, PalMate will load them along with the default selectors the next time.

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