The PalMate Styles

General Description

To create a webpage in PalMate you must use a style. A Palmate style is a template that holds all layout information such as frames, no-frames, board and piece size, background color, paths to images etc. When you have selected a style for your webpage project, you work on a copy of the original style and it will always be the copy that determines the page's layout - the original will remain unchanged, unless of course you save the style.

A Palmate style is a combination of a CSS Stylesheet, a Palview Ini File and some extra information stored in the file "resource\layouts.lst". The CSS stylesheet is copied to the designated directory (the html file will be linked to this stylesheet) and any changes made to fonts, margins, background color etc. will be written to this copy and it is this copy you must upload. If you want to change the original style it must be saved either from the "Styles" menu or when the webpage project is closed.

The very first time you use one of the styles that come with the program you must select chess board, chess pieces, control panel etc. to get the paths right - until told PalMate doesn't know where to find this stuff.

How To Make A New Style

To make a new style you need to have an open webpage project. Select "Save As New Style" from the "Styles" menu and PalMate will prompt you for a style name. The new style will be a copy of the original and will now be the active style.

How To Import A Stylesheet

If you select "Import Stylesheet" from the styles dialog you can use an "external" stylesheet instead of the one associated with the selected PalMate style. This can be handy if you want to edit the html file later and use an existing stylesheet to format your text. PalMate will import the stylesheet and add the necessary Palview selectors/classes. The original selectors/classes can be edited with PalMate.
Beware: Any comments in the original stylesheet will be removed from the copy saved by PalMate.

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