For extensive help on this subject see The Palview Manual. This page deals mostly with the PalMate side of things.


Palview can create pages with tournament or match crosstables. It can either be a "stand-alone crosstable" with no playable game pages, or it can be a page with a crosstable plus a playable game page for each game in the file. In the latter case a game result in the crosstable serve as link to the game. Either way the pgn file must contain all games or at least "dummy games" with the pgn header tags and game results. You must also ensure that the player names are spelled the same way - if it is "Fischer, R." in one game and "Fischer, Robert" in another it will be interpreted as two different players.

You can also have crosstables on Magazine pages.

How To Create A Crosstable Page

  1. Select a pgn game file with all games from the event.
  2. Open the menu "Page - Basic Page Layout" and select one of the crosstable layouts.
  3. Open the menu "Page - Crosstable Settings" and view the options.
  4. PalMate is installed with a default crosstable stylesheet. You can save this stylesheet with a new name from the menu "Styles - Copy Crosstable Stylesheet" once you are making a crosstable page.

The Crosstable Without Game Pages

This will be only one page (no JavaScript) and one stylesheet. It is easy to paste the html code into another document of yours, but remember the stylesheet reference! As an alternative you can point to a header and/or footer file from the menu "Page - Header & Footer File".

The Crosstable With Links To Game Pages

This page style will create a page with the crosstable and a playable game page for each game in the file. All game pages will share one *.js file. The crosstable page will be named after the pgn file as usual, but the game pages will be named g0.htm, g1.htm, g2.htm etc. There will be one stylesheet for the crosstable page and another for the game pages.

Player Information

Like pages for live broadcast, crosstable pages use player information from the Palview ini file instead of (or as a supplement to) the player information in the pgn file's header tags. Player information can be title, elo, country and performance elo. You can edit player information with PalMate - go to the menu "Layout - Player Information".

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