Pages For Live Broadcast

With the program Palive you can broadcast chess games "live".

The Live Game Page

When broadcasting games live Palive will make and update one page for each game. This must be a "normal" page - that is only one html file (as opposed to 3 for a page with frames). The basic page layout must be one of the first 4 presented in the Basic Page Layout dialog.

To broadcast games live Palive needs a Palview ini file, and this (and a css stylesheet to format the pages) can be created with PalMate. To make a page for live broadcast you:

  1. Select a pgn file with only one game. This pgn file will of course be used for preview only and to display correctly the game must be unfinished. So the result header tag must look like this:
    [Result "*"] as opposed to e.g. [Result "1-0"]
    and the result (e.g. 1-0) after the game moves must be replaced by a "*" - for instance:
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 *
    As long as the game is unfinished Palview will create a page with an automatic refresh option. Once the game is finished Palview will make an ordinary page with no refresh option.
  2. Select the menu "Page - Basic Page Layout" and select one of the first 4 layouts.
  3. Select the menu "Page - Live Broadcast".
  4. In the dialog select "This webpage is for live broadcast" and set a refresh interval in seconds.
  5. Design the page as you like and save the style.
  6. Palive will need the style's ini file, which is in PalMate's subdirectory "resource", and the stylesheet created must be copied to the server.
  7. The html page created for preview can be deleted.

The Overview Page

When broadcasting games live with Palive it is a good idea to use an overview page as a "portal" to the games. An overview page shows a diagram for all current positions with links to the game pages. You can't replay the game from the overview page, but you can see all current positions and every time Palive updates a game page with a new move the overview page will be updated too.

To make an overview page do as follows:

  1. Select a pgn file with more than one game. The games are only used to preview the page layout and at least one of the games should be unfinished as described above.
  2. Select the menu "Page - Basic Page Layout" and select either "overview page" or "overview database".
  3. Select "Page - Live Broadcast" to set the page's refresh interval and the number of columns. Usually 3 to 4 columns will be appropriate.
  4. Design the page and save the style. The css stylesheet must be uploaded to the server, and Palive needs the style's ini file to create the page. The ini file is in PalMate's subdirectory "resource".
  5. The html page created for preview can be deleted.

Player Information

Like crosstables, pages for live broadcast can use player information from the Palview ini file instead of (or as a supplement to) the player information in the pgn file's header tags. Player information can be title, elo and country. You may be using electronic chess boards to record the moves, and the software creating the pgn files may not be able to provide this information.

To insert and use player information select the menu "Layout - Player Information".

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