The Magazine Page

With all other page types than the magazine you pass a pgn file to Palview, and Palview makes an HTML file with the game(s) - usually in a replayable format. With the magazine you pass a pgn gamefile and an HTML template file. In the original HTML template file you can insert invisible commands (as HTML comments) to Palview, and where Palview finds such a command it will insert games, diagrams, an index, a crosstable or whatever.

This is very useful for e.g. articles that you want to "spice" with Palview games etc., and PalMate makes it easy to create and process such a page.

When making a magazine with PalMate there are 3 different windows:

The Magazine Window

When the magazine window is active you can control the layout of Palview elements that will be inserted. All other elements will be unaffected, which means that the layout of the stuff you have written yourself, e.g. the background article with images, will not be affected.

Which Palview elements (gamelinks, crosstables etc.) to insert is controlled from the editor window.

When the magazine window is the active window, a Magazine Options menu will be visible. From this menu you can control certain element specific to the magazine page type.

When you make a magazine you have two options for previewing. The first is PalMates usual preview function, which can be activated from the "View" menu, by clicking the Explorer button in the toolbar or by pressing F2. This will process all pages in the project. That is: the magazine HTML page, the Game Viewer Page with Javascript file and a page for each gamelink in the magazine. The individual game pages will be numbered.

The second preview option is only available when making a magazine. It works like the ordinary preview function, but individual game pages will not be created. This can prove very useful if you have many gamelinks on the page, and if for instance you just want to preview the magazine page itself. This preview function can be selected from the "View" menu or by clicking the "Lightning" button next to the Explorer button.

The Game Viewer

The game viewer is essential to the magazine. When you click a game link on the magazine page, a game viewer window will pop up. For a detailed description of the game viewer see the Palview Manual.

In PalMate you control the layout of the game viewer from the viewer's project window just like any other Palview page. When the viewer's PalMate window is active, the "Viewer Options" menu is visible. From this menu you can control stuff specific game viewer options such as:

Making A New Magazine Or Viewer Style

If you want to make a new magazine or viewer style (layout with different boards, colours etc.) open a magazine project and save as new style from the style menu. If the magazine window is active, it is the magazine's style that is saved as new, and if the viewer window is active, it is the viewer's style.

With other page types you can change page type by selecting another from the Basic Layout's menu (in the Page menu), however that is not possible with the magazine and viewer page type.

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