The Magazine Editor

With the magazine editor you can easily insert Palview commands (with the right syntax!) into your magazine template HTML source. Of course you can also edit the text like with any other editor, and there are some basic HTML tools available like insertion of links with correct relative URLs, image links and more.

Here's a screenshot of the editor and the menu displayed, when the editor is the active window:

Editor Window

Commands to Palview are inserted as HTML comments (red text in the screenshot above). The various commands are selected from the menu above or from the pop-up menu that appears if you right-click the text area. The editor also has a diagram setup utility that will generate the FEN-string necessary for inserting a static diagram.

Some basic HTML commands/tools can be accessed from the "Format" and "Insert" menus or by clicking buttons on the toolbar.

The Editor Menu

If we go through the menu items one by one it will give you an impression of how the whole thing works.

File Menu

Edit Menu

Ordinary copy, cut, paste and find operations.

Format Menu

Menu for HTML formatting commands/tags. Selected text will be marked bold, italics, underlined, centered, as header etc.

Insert Menu

Inserts HTML tags for paragraph, linebreak, horizontal line, hard space or named anchor (a bookmark you can link to).

There's also a "Link" menu item. With this you can select a local file, and PalMate will insert a link with the correct relative URL. For this to work the file must of course also exist on your server.

Finally there's a dialog that will help you to insert images. You can preview gif, jpg, jpeg and bmp images.

Image Insertion

Index Menu

Now we get to the menus that deal with Palview command insertion. From the Index menu you can insert a games index or an opening index. For a more detailed description of these indexes see the Palview Manual.

Crosstable Menu

From this menu you can insert crosstables and control various crosstable settings such as if the results displayed should link to the relevant game pages, the name format of the players and more. The crosstable commands are only necessary if you want the crosstable to be displayed differently than the default way, which is defined when the magazine is the active window. Beware that all games from the event must be in the pgn file.

Datetime Menu

Will insert current date and time in the format you choose.

Games Menu

From the Games menu you can insert gamelinks (that will produce a gamepage for each link), static games and various commands concerning static games.

Diagrams Menu

Helps you insert static diagrams into your magazine.
  Diagram Setup Utility
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