The Pgn Editor

A new feature in PalMate 2 is the pgn editor. When you work on a Palview webpage it is often convenient to be able to edit the source pgn file. PalMate's pgn editor allows you to do that, and it also makes it easy by way of automation to insert various tags (like e.g. a player's country). Also a few Palview commands that affect the way a webpage will look must be inserted directly into the source pgn file (e.g. captioned diagrams). The editor makes it easy to do this with the right syntax.

The pgn editor can be opened from the View menu, when a webproject is active. Only one file per page can be edited.

The Pgn Editor's Menu

This description of the menu will give you an impression of what you can do with the editor.

The File Menu

The usual stuff. You can save the pgn file, you can revert to the last saved or the original file that was read, when you opened the editor. Of course you can also close the editor from this menu.

Unless you save the file, changes will not have any effect - PalMate/Palview will always process the last saved file.

The Edit Menu

Here you find the usual cut, copy, paste and find functions that are handy, when you edit a text. The usual shortcuts CTRL+C for copy, CTRL+X for cut, CTRL+V for paste and CTRL+F for find work here too.

The Players Menu

Now we get down to some of the PalMate specific stuff. From this menu you can access some powerful tools that will edit game tags - information like the players' country, title and elo. The tags are:

[WhiteCountry "Countrycode"] & [BlackCountry "Countrycode"]
[WhiteTitle "Title"] & [BlackTitle "Title"]
[WhiteElo "Elo"] & [BlackElo "Elo"]


The annotator menu allows you to edit annotator information.

Start Position

There are two ways to display another position than the initial start position. If the game is a game fragment, there must be a game tag with a FEN string, e.g.:

[FEN "rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/4P3/8/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - 0 1"]
which is the position after 1.e4.

Another way is to use a game tag (not pgn-standard) like:

[JsCom "startply 34:flip 1"]
The game may have all moves from move 1, but when the page opens the board will show the position after ply (halfmove) 34, which is a convenient way to highlight a special phase in the game.


Apart from the usual playable board it is possible to show static diagrams by inserting commands directly into the pgn file.

Column Break

Only for static games in magazines. A command will be inserted at the cursor position which will force a column break in the game move text.

Game Caption

Inserts a pgn header tag that will show a caption below the chess board, for instance: "White to move draws". This is useful for e.g. chess problems. Notice that the tag: [Caption "What you write"] is not pgn standard.


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